The Replay: Dusty Hannahs and PB&Js (Episode 47)

We are back with more March Madness. The first weekend was filled with fun for the Replay ladies. Al enjoyed two Kansas victories and El found her new favorite player- Dusty Hannahs. We discuss our thoughts on the weekend’s highs and lows. However, the Tournament wasn’t the only huge basketball story this weekend. ESPN released an in-depth report on the NBA’s addiction to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We couldn’t be happier this is finally getting the coverage it deserves. We close out the show with a quick game of “guess this player’s pre-game meal.” Enjoy!

The Replay: March Madness, Part 1 (Episode 46)

We know you’re all NBA fans, but on this week’s episode we had to take a moment to talk about  NCAA March Madness. If you thought college basketball was lacking the same flair of the NBA, you’re quite mistaken. We talk about Coach Cal, Drake, Kansas Jayhawk hair, and Lavar Ball. We will be back next week with even more March Madness talk so stay tuned!

The Replay: Atlanta’s Last Hope

Look, we are Patriots BUT we are not Patriots fans. The Super Bowl was pretty depressing for the city of Atlanta, so we decided to shine a light on its great hope for a championship this year– The Atlanta Hawks. We talk about our favorite players, our least favorite players, and Gucci Mane. To close it out, we try and stump each other with some Hotlanta trivia. Enjoy!

The Replay: Russell Westbrook’s All Star Snub (Episode 41)

This week, El and Al talk all about the upcoming All Star Game. They start off by discussing the process and The Process and then move into the snub of the century– Russell Westbrook not making the starting lineup. From there, they focus on all things Russ: Why do so many fans dislike him? Just how great is his swag? What will he name his baby? Will his brother Ray recover from his knee surgery? As always, please share the pod with your friends and rate us 5 stars!

The Replay: Instagram Live and TMZ Sports (Episode 40)

On this week’s episode of The Replay, we are in awe of all that January has to offer in the worlds of sports and pop culture. Before getting into the NBA, we chat a bit about Clemson’s victory and Golden Globes madness. We then discuss what it feels like to live in a world where you can watch Allen Iverson tour his hotel room while you are stuck waiting for the subway. After thanking a fan for a new addition to our art collection, we ponder what is happening in the league to make players think it is okay to just not show up for practice and games. It seems that no NBA discussion is complete these days without a mention of the Process, so we give Joel his due. We finish up with a discussion of NBA vets chasing their dreams, often times not far from a TMZ camera. If you’re as baffled as we are by how TMZ scores such hot scoop, we hope you enjoy are little game of “TMZ Headline or fake headline.”

The Replay: New year, same pod (Episode 39)

Hello 2017! We made it!!! The Replay is back in the closet with a New Year’s special. As we all know, 2016 was a trying year for all but we wanted to keep our reflections positive. Therefore, we discussed the things we were most grateful for in 2016. Al reminded us to all appreciate the fabulous Summer of Melo while El gave J.R. Smith yet another shoutout for his 48 shirtless post championship. We also took a moment to applaud the surge in NBA veteran social media that 2016 brought… #blessup4tic-pix.

Keeping the glass half full theme, we then went through what we are most excited for in 2017 and in some cases, our DREAM scenarios for 2017. All Star Weekend in New Orleans is extremely high on the list for obvious fashion and Instagram Live reasons and a potential Russ KD matchup in the playoffs was predicted. Al looks forward to hearing more social commentary from our man Kareem, who in case you missed it has an IMPRESSIVE knowledge of the Bachelor and strangely of condoms. 

In sum, Kareem is the man and the new mantra for 2017 is to Dream Kareem (or something like that). El in keeping with the K theme wrestles with question of who will make up the next Kardashian NBA couple–Kristaps, Karl-Anthony, Kyrie. The possibilities are endless!

Lastly, we take you a little game of social media guess who. We don’t want to give too much away but you will learn 1) that Dirk Nowitzki secretly dominates Twitter trolls 2) Barbara Bush has an NBA bestie and 3) Al is still obsessed with Ray Westbrook.

Please enjoy and Happy New Year!!!

Episode 38: Trapping Paper

Happy holidays from the ladies of The Replay! We hope you are all getting into the holiday spirit and showing off your cheer like Kevin Love in an ugly Christmas sweater. Between Kobe Bryant’s brand new baby and Russell Westbrook’s new wrapping paper venture, there was certainly plenty to talk about this week. We finish it off with a little game of “NBA Santa” where we decide what we’d give a host of NBA players. Let’s just say, Joakim Noah is heading to the spa this December.