About El and Al

So we went to college together, but didn’t meet until last year when Al moved in with one of El’s best friends from college. We often found ourselves on the couch during lazy Sunday football and SVU marathons and really connected. Does this sound like a wedding announcement yet? Good. After hours monopolizing the conversation in Al’s living room about topics ranging from Kim Kardashian to Kim Jong-un, our friends begged us to bring our wit and inspired social commentary to the masses via a podcast.* So, here it is. We hope you spend more time laughing with us than at us, but mostly just hope you laugh.


My full name is Alexandra. I’m from Phoenix. I have a diverse set of interests, including, but not limited to: breaking cycles of intergenerational poverty, fashun 10273399_10101413880483971_62210409507833936_o(see left), pulled pork, basketball, political speeches, dreaming about donuts while eating gluten free pancakes,  television, lil wayne, the south, The Bartlett Administration, pop culture, my weirdly small dog, Pawnee, mexican food (specifically melted cheese, guac, and tequila), high heels, local government, my friends, and my mom.



My full name is Elizabeth… but I go by Elle…which is pronounced like Ellie…so just call me “EL”. I am from Philadelphia, which means I’m actually from the suburbs outside of IMG_7097.JPGit and no, not the Main Line. As my Twitter profile denotes, I like ice cream and I enjoy a nice pair of slacks among other items of clothing. I spend most of my time watching sports, Bravo and 60 Minutes and deciding which workout class to attend based on my work schedule. Other interests include: chocolate beer, chocolate milk, chocolate, Ladies of London, getting on to Jeopardy, tweeting at professional golfers, understanding Mormonism and my dad.


*Begged us to shut up and record this stuff so they don’t have to listen to it

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