The Replay: Instagram Live and TMZ Sports (Episode 40)

On this week’s episode of The Replay, we are in awe of all that January has to offer in the worlds of sports and pop culture. Before getting into the NBA, we chat a bit about Clemson’s victory and Golden Globes madness. We then discuss what it feels like to live in a world where you can watch Allen Iverson tour his hotel room while you are stuck waiting for the subway. After thanking a fan for a new addition to our art collection, we ponder what is happening in the league to make players think it is okay to just not show up for practice and games. It seems that no NBA discussion is complete these days without a mention of the Process, so we give Joel his due. We finish up with a discussion of NBA vets chasing their dreams, often times not far from a TMZ camera. If you’re as baffled as we are by how TMZ scores such hot scoop, we hope you enjoy are little game of “TMZ Headline or fake headline.”

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