The Quack Attack Is Back, Jack!

Hey y’all-

We hope your summer is wrapping up nicely, though we recognize it has surely been a rocky time in your life without The Replay. You probably couldn’t sleep at night because you were up wondering “what do El and Al think about…” The Final Five? Boomer dethroning Debbie as the #1 Phelps Phan? The best movie of the summer (FWIW, it was Bad Moms)? Lochmess? Draymond’s snaps? Kim’s snaps? Trump’s tweets? Aubrihanna (is this what we are calling them)? Teyana Taylor’s body? And Kanye…being…Kanye?

Well, have no fear. Unlike Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Grace Moritz, we did not break up.* We spent the summer planning for our next phase, and we are happy to announce that, like Damn Daniel, we are back at it again. After a few months of rest, we will be returning to fill your earbuds and hearts next week. This time around, we will be bigger and better than ever because we are taking our talents to The Friendly Bounce.

While the website focuses on “basketball players as people,” they have told us we can go a bit broader with the pod. We also plan to still record some non-basketball content for those who don’t think Ray Westbrook’s “leaning against the wall pose” qualifies as news. And, of course, the weekly emails will return next week in their traditional format.

We are really excited to have a bit more focus and a bigger audience, but mostly we are just excited to beat Juliet Litman at her own game** and maybe meet Jon Favreau at a podcasting convention. We hope you will continue to listen and give us feedback. Also, now that we are trying to be legit… here is a shameless request to PLEASE follow us on Twitter and Instagram (links below).


El and Al

*More on this at a later date because we just found out about this and we are truly too distraught to string together coherent thoughts.

**If you are unaware of Al’s pathological disdain for Juliet Litman, you should ask her about it. It is both aggressive and completely unfounded.

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