Replay of the Week of June 27th

Happy Friday and first day in July y’all! We hope you are feeling extra patriotic going into the holiday weekend. We thought we would remind you that Rosé is dead, so please don’t get caught drinking it at any of your celebrations. If you’re still craving the pink stuff, don’t worry, you can get on this 1,000 person waitlist for Rosé gummy candy.  In case you are wondering, Al will be heading to Kansas for a 95th birthday rager while El will be back in the state of Georgia on a quest for Bo-Berry BiscuitsⓇ.

Whether you are celebrating the Amerexit with a beach vacation or a trendy staycation, please try to do more exciting things than us and pleeeeease enjoy the latest episode of the podcast (released late last night)! In particular, we recommend listening to the game at the end of the podcast as it would make for a fun thing to play with friends while stuck in holiday traffic!

The Fourth of July is an amazing excuse to hang out with friends in the sun and drink a little too much beer. No music captures that feeling better than country. This playlist, appropriately titled “Boots and Booze,” was created by a friend of a friend of The Replay (hay Orville), and it is a triumph of summer playlist creation. You can thank us later for sharing it with you.

In lieu of the usual social media section, we are simply going to shamelessly beg you to please please please follow Dwyane Wade on Snapchat. This might require you downloading Snapchat, but we promise it is totally worth it. He is a bit filter happy (seriously though, D-Wade, the glasses/braces filter is only funny once), but his recent *turnt all the way up* snaps from his vacation with CP3 and Lebron are life changing. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the highlights!

The Backstreet Boys are BACK?! But seriously, we don’t know why this is happening but we are excited/anxious/wondering what Nick Carter has been up to??? ALSO, 98 Degrees is going back on tour. Now that chokers and boy bands are back in style, can someone please convince JT to do one final show with NSYNC. Do we think Joey Fatone can still dance? Could he ever dance?
The Academy has finally realized that in order to honor great art, its membership must reflect the diversity of the time. They admitted a record 683 new members, many of whom were women and artists of color. The LA Times did a great with in-depth coverage of this *small* step in the right direction.
Turns out Judy Dench knows that it is never too late to try to catch up with J.R. Smith. We respect this decision to get her first tattoo at 81. What a dame!
Adidas “double-downed” on their Yeezy investment. Some are calling Kanye “Adidas’ Michael Jordan,” which makes El nervous for them since she finds the shoes deeply ugly. Al, on the other hand, would totally buy them if not for her full allegiance to #teamnike.
Speaking of athleisure, the Miss Teen USA pageant is saying bye to bikinis and hello to Lululemon. We would expect nothing less from this prestigious scholarship program.

If Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren were in 7th grade, they would definitely be making each other “BFFAEAEAEAE” bracelets as we speak. After a week of campaigning for Clinton, the real question is– will Warren be the VP?
This election season would make a wonderful reality show called “WTF were you thinking?” On this week’s episode, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met on the tarmac at the Phoenix airport. Yes, they met in public while she is investigating his wife. In all fairness to them, the Phoenix airport does have dope food, so maybe they were just talking about their orders at La Grande Orange.
POTUS has named the architects for his presidential library. Presidential libraries are kind of our jam, and we are particularly excited for this one. It will be designed by a husband and wife duo out of Philly. IMAGINE WORKING WITH YOUR SPOUSE EVERY DAY? SMH.

IF YOU ONLY CLICK ONE THING THIS WEEK, LET IT BE JESSE WILLIAMS’ SPEECH AT THE BET AWARDS. Williams gives an incredibly important, powerful speech on racism in America. He continues to demonstrate what an important voice he is in the movement for racial equity, and the time Al sat with him at an airport bar in Maine as he played with his daughter is definitely the closest she will come to true greatness. Also, Stacey Dash has never been more Clueless.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you could be anywhere in the world tonight, but you’re here with us… so we’ve decided to reward you with a link to ESPN’s annual Body Issue trailer. The full issue, including Vince Wilfork in all his glory, is available July 6th. TTYL, we will be at the gym for the next 10 years…
Well, it seems that four more years have passed, and it is once again time for the Olympics! The typical media frenzy surrounding the Olympics is in full force, as Michael Phelps made his fifth olympics (and his baby becomes an Instagram celeb) and the USA Basketball team was announced. We don’t know about you, but we cannot wait to watch Simone Biles rock the beam, and bars, and floor. Ok, she does it all!
While everyone in the tennis world is at Wimbledon, Maria Sharapova is… at HBS. From one manicured lawn to another, suspended life is *so* hard.
If you’re wondering what to get Al for her birthday, look no further. As we said last week, shirtless NBA star is just peak Summer 16, and now you can look like JR Smith for just $34.99!!!
NBA free agency kicked off today, and it has been active to say the least. In NYC, the Bulls East are up to their usual shenanigans while the Nets have decided it is time for the Big Apple to go Linsane once again. Go Crimson!

A semi-trailer carrying 20,000 lbs of cheese was stolen in Wisconsin which begs the question, who needs that much cheese and can we have some?
Our children (the ones we will have some one day… in theory) will learn how to code from TOYS. Damn, Daniel, the future is so cool.
Is butter a carb? No AND more great news… there is no association between eating butter and an increased risk of heart disease or diabetes. Butter for lunch everyone!
The orangutan at the National Zoo is pregnant and we all must mentally prepare. Who knew 2016 would be the year orangutans surpassed pandas in the zeitgeist. Turns out orange really is the new black (and white).
Just when we thought that we were the only people who wake up and check our Instagram in the middle of the night, research shows many do it and it is also really bad for all of us. At least glasses are so hot right now. Thanks, Oprah!

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