Replay of the Week of June 20th

Well, it looks like just a year after the Clippers narrowly avoided Deandrexit, Britain has succumbed to a different fate. The sheer volume of newsworthy events this week was truly overwhelming, even for us, so we want to add a disclaimer that this edition of The Replay is far from comprehensive. We will both be at weddings this weekend trying to drink exactly enough champagne to forget about the impending collapse of the global economy. We promise to record an extra special edition of the podcast early next week with a special guest discussing a much happier British topic- Wimbledon.

All throwbacks cuz nothing cures hating the present like a lil nostalgia.
“Waterfalls” by TLC (Thoughts on HRC making this her campaign anthem?)
“Always on Time” by Ja Rule and Ashanti (If you’re really wishing you were back in middle school, don’t worry because Ja Rule and Ashanti are doing a mini tour together this summer)
“My Favorite Things” by Julie Andrews (The great-grandson of Maria and Georg von Trapp got married this weekend and NYT wrote a predictably absurd wedding announcement)

Tweet of the week: Martha Stewart tweeted at The Daily Mail to ask who Jonathan Cheban was. This is probably only funny if you know who Jonathan Cheban is, and if you do it is laugh out loud hysterical. She also went on to live tweet Jason Derulo performing without his shirt on and it is magical.
Instagram of the week: We hate birds and this video is definitely our worst nightmare, but this chubby kid in a kiddy pool with birds crawling all over him is weirdly hilarious.
Video of the week: Barack Obama called the Cavs coach, Ty Lue, and asked him to tell JR to put a shirt on. I wonder how Martha Stewart feels about this. Also, if you still don’t like JR Smith after this week, you can unsubscribe from this email.

If there is one person who could make us all feel a bit better about Britain right now, it would obviously be James Corden. He was truly a bright spot in the week when he popped up on Michelle Obama’s (new!) Snapchat account to announce THAT THEY WERE ABOUT TO FILM CARPOOL KARAOKETOGETHER.
As you all know, we love Rembert Browne, and this recent article on GMA’s Kermit sipping tea meme mix-up was classic Rembert. How he managed to make legitimate phylum related humor in an article about memes is beyond us.
Selma Blair was removed from a flight this week after she had an outburst. It is unclear what exactly prompted the star to start screaming mid-flight, but reports say she had alcohol and prescription drugs in her system.
The Internet is a crazy place, and this week was no exception, with various sources buzzing about the fact ice-cream cone face tatted rapper Gucci Mane is actually a government clone. As Drake (and friend of The Replay, Reilly) would say, what a time to be alive.

If you only read one thing this week, make sure it is this article by Aziz Ansari about the impact of Trump’s Islamophobia on the Muslim community in the US.

Because we need something a bit lighthearted to kick off politics this week, Buzzfeed photoshopped Donald Trump’s face onto the body of a Bachelorette contestant and ran through what his first impression might look like. Let’s just say his hands make it into the convo.
While many have written about the economic and political implications of Brexit, this comment from Nicholas, a Financial Times reader, has gone viral for capturing the feelings of many young people across the UK.
Though Bernie Sanders has still not endorsed Clinton, he has come out this week saying he will likely vote for her this November against Donald Trump.
The Donald was interviewed on CBS this week. Though we are biased, we think it is objectively one of his most coherent/ intelligent interviews yet. However, he held a press conference this morning at his golf course in Scotland and spent the first 15 minutes talking about golf and his (creepy) son Eric before he even got to Brexit. Then he praised Scotland for “taking the country back” despite the fact they voted to remain, a fact the people of Scotland were quick to point out with hilarious tweets.
It appears even Ivanka- the apparent voice of reason in all the family madness- is under fire this week. She is being sued for her the design of one of her shoes by an Italian company.

We are sorry to report that summer peaked on Day 2. Nothing can top the Cavs parade. Nothing. We won’t bore you with pages of our thoughts (though if you’re interested, email Al cuz she is looking to write a 40 page essay on it and needs readers). You can check out all the best pics here, but we do need you all to know that Kyrie shirtless drinking rose champagne out of the bottle= our spirit animal. We plan to embody this vibe all summer.
While Al was stalking celebs at the Steve Nash Foundation’s annual soccer game, the US was getting absolutely destroyed by Argentina. Messi and friends trounced us so badly, we were left begging “please cry for me, Argentina.” Sorry, we had to.
The NBA draft was full of drama and left both of us more than devastated. El might never recover from the Sixers drafting Ben Simmons and Al is deeply confused as to how both Wayne Selden and Perry Ellis went undrafted.
Michael Oher resigned with the Panthers and his teammates took to Twitter with various memes from The Blindside. It’s as awesome as you would think.
We know that many people hate Stephen A. Smith. If you’re one of those people, you will enjoy this video of him incorrectly predicting the NBA champion for the past SIX years.

A married man has been giving away his sperm to ovulating women in Starbucks and Target bathrooms for years. Turns out his wife isn’t too happy about it. What. A. Surprise.
Speaking of sperm… why do chimps have penis bones and humans don’t? Great question, Forbes. Thanks for answering it for us.
Not sure about you, but Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret taught us everything we needed to know about becoming a teenager. One of us may or may not have had a book club dedicated to it in 4th grade. Anyway, looks like Judy Blume is still relevant thanks to this new book cover where Margaret is TEXTING God and she is met with the dreaded …
Just when you thought the world was going to shit, Burger King announced they are going to make cheetos stuffed with mac n cheese. Does Burger King listen to The Replay????
Someone compiled a bunch of videos of people just barely missing the subway. The deep despair on people’s faces as the doors close in front of them feels like an appropriate way to end this week’s email. Have a great weekend, y’all!

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