Replay of the Week of June 13th

The Replay on a Monday… say what?! We didn’t think it felt right to recap the week in advance of two of its biggest events- The US Open and Game 7. And boy, were we right. Not only did Dustin *blow* away the competition at Oakmont, The King finally silenced all the doubters and brought a championship back to Cleveland. Most importantly, folks, you now live in a world where J.R. Smith is an world champion. Doesn’t that just feel right? As for the podcast, we hope you enjoyed our recap of the Tony Awards last week, and tonight we will be recording a new podcast full of all our thoughts on Paulina Gretzky and Princess Zhuri James. Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher so you don’t miss any episodes!


“The Boogie” by Outasight (Surprise, surprise. Al saw Central Intelligence this weekend, and this song plays in the credits. It even has a little line dance that goes along to it. What a jam!)

“Keep Marchin” by Raphael Saadiq (This throwback was featured in Lebron’s 2013 Samsung commercial where his love for his family made us confident that he would both return to Cleveland and bring home a championship)

“My Shoes” by John Legend (Okay, we are really just going HAM on King James Fall 2013 commercials, but it was *Peak Lebron PR* and it deserves it. This song played as he biked through the streets of Miami, and it is still a mystery as to why Legend and Mike Will Made It never released it as a single.)


Instagram of the Week: The world has been sleeping on Savannah James’ Instagram. She doesn’t post as frequently as other WAGS like Ayesha Curry, Gabrielle Union, or Adrienne Bosh. However, what she lacks in quantity, she more than makes up for in quality with posts like video of her sons doing the Running Man Challenge.

Tweet of the Week: So many epic tweets this week, but none better than Nick “Swagg P” Young announcing his breakup with Iggy Azaela in one tweet. The most entertaining man in basketball simply tweeted “Single,” a strategy we plan to adopt ASAP.

Video of the Week:: Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour swap lives. Enough said.


It took T-Swift T-MINUS two weeks to find herself a new bae. We seriously cannot understand how she does this.

So much Kardashian news, so little time. Kim’s GQ cover story was everything we hoped for. She talked about hot dogs, Taylor Swift, and OJ Simpson. Speaking of OJ, recent reports claim he agreed to a paternity test if Khloe will come visit him in jail. Also, North turned three this weekend, and what a glorious three years it has been. Check out NYMag’s retrospective on her glam life here.

Billy Bob from Varsity Blues died this weekend. We hope go back and watch this scene to remember how much he added to that amazing 90s film.

Star Trek star Anton Yelchin was tragically killed in a freak accident where his car rolled down a hill at his house. Stars have made statements expressing their praise of Yelchin as an actor and friend.

Hot off his streak as Bernie Sanders, Larry David said screw it and plans to Curb Your Enthusiasm for a 9th time. In other words, you won’t have to wait for your dose of Larry/George in random SNL appearances because HE IS COMING BACK TO HBO!

The Queen wore green last week. More specifically, the Queen wore a green screen and the trolls of the Internet took advantage of it and photoshopped all sorts of crazy stuff on her.



The Cleveland Cavaliers are officially the champs! If you know anything about us, we are suckers for a good sports story, and this is one for the ages. Nike has already capitalized on our sappy side in a way nobody else can with this chilling commercial.

The Finals were filled with drama, from Ayesha Curry’s tweets to Lebron James’ blocks. But nothing was more emotional than J.R. Smith’s postgame press conference. Don’t fret, though, J.R. returned to his usual form just hours later at XS, pouring champagne all over a bottle girl at da club. As one Replay listener told us, “He is the champion we deserve!”

The Internet has made a hobby out of following the James sons, Bronny and Bryce, but Lebron and his high school sweetheart, Savannah, have kept their daughter very sheltered since her birth. Last night, much to Al’s delight, Zhuri’s face was revealed as she stole the show at Lebron’s press conference. Though she looks just like her mom, this new WNBA ad certainly makes us hope she can ball like her dad.

After this glorious seven game series, we can only dream of what next season will look like. It could be particularly interesting if Kevin Durant heads to Golden State, but it looks like everyone in Oklahoma-including THE GOVERNOR– is doing their best to deter him from making that leap.

Even tennis legend Roger Federer had to show his respect for the Cavs’ amazing feat, donning both shoes from both Lebron and Kyrie’s Nike collections on each of his feet.

Okay, enough about basketball… Dustin Johnson finally got the monkey off his back and won a major. His win “saves the USGA from embarrassment” as they assessed him a one-stroke penalty from the clubhouse that could’ve taken the title away from him after the fact. Ugh, golf, stop trying to make golf not happen.

Pittsburgh had a big week, with the US Open and a Stanley Cup win for the Penguins. Like the Cavs, the Penguins switched coaches mid-year. Will this be the new recipe for success?

So much soccer on right now! The USMNT cruised to the semis where they face Argentina tomorrow. We will see if they can beat Messi, but no matter what happens, at least we aren’t Russia.


Bridging the gap between sports and politics, the White House confirmed that the Obama family stayed on Air Force One for eighteen extra minutes after landing from their National Parks trip to watch the end of Game 7.

In what we all hope (we hope you hope this, at least) will be The Year of the Woman in politics, Rome is leading the way, electing its first female mayor. Bellissima!

Pundits everywhere are asserting that Donald Trump is running the worst general election campaign in history, and two recent stories have helped confirm this for us. First, Trump’s first “emergency” fundraising request in an attempt to raise $100K by the end of the day Sunday. More bizarrely, this GQ profile of his silent press secretary, Hope Hicks. Spoiler alert: she doesn’t speak in the interview, he speaks about her. In front of her. #YearOfTheWoman


We hope all the fathers on this list had a great day! We are also 99% sure our fathers are the only fathers on this list. So shout out to Bill and Ted (most dad names ever, amirite?!). While both of us were lucky to have dope dads, we are a little disappointed neither of them ever tried to stack Cheerios on our heads like all of these millennial pops.

Question: What is better than grandmas on the Internet? Answer: Absolutely nothing. Check out this grandma’s adorably polite Google search. It will make your Monday.

Digital assistants will soon do all of our dirty work and we will cease to exist without smartphones… But really though.

This seagull went hard in the paint, we mean curry… Too bad it wasn’t Cheetos cheese. Though we hate birds, so it would’ve been quite the internal conflict for us if a bird was covered in fake cheese.

Pictured: NBA star Russell Westbrook jackin Al’s swag.

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