Replay Week of April 11th

Happy Tax Day, y’all! Hopefully you all paid your taxes, cuz avoiding the IRS never works out well. Just ask Martha Stuart, Welsey Snipes, Willie Nelson, Nicholas Cage, Lil Wayne and more. Shout out to Bill Clarke for holdin it down as Arizona’s finest tax attorney so Al is free to focus on more important things, like Michael Buble eating corn.

In case you missed it, El, Al, and Harry sat down this week to answer some deep questions from loyal listeners (H/T Tim & Ghub). If you’re wondering what our Patrunses are, check it out on iTunes or thewebsite. We are recording a traditional replay of the week tomorrow (after some mimosas), so be on the lookout!

“Digits” by Young Thug (For those of you who don’t know Al, her inner spirit is that of a 17 year-old boy, so it is only fitting this was recommended on her recent trip to New Orleans by a 17 year-old boy)
“Weekend” by Mac Miller and Miguel (Miguel + brass instruments= dangerous. H/T Egen for the fire rec)
“Number One” by John Legend and Kanye (So, the lyrics are offensive, especially for those of us who are Chrissy Super-fans. But, it is old school John Legend and old school Kanye and it’s great.)

Tweet of the week: Apparently golfer Tom Watson is a Lil Wayne fan. Our prayers have been answered.
Video of the week: Master of None stars Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim recently traveled to Italy. While there, they made a glorious music video to Kanye’s new single Famous. Bravo!
Instagram to follow: Because good things come in threes, we figured we need another Kanye mention. If you aren’t already doing so, Kanyedoingthings is a must follow.

Princess RiRi is known for smoking a lot of weed, but not always thought of as a humanitarian. This recent story about her helping a fan come out of the closet really moved us.
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt is back on Netflix this weekend and EW just released the complete list of fall pilots. Let’s just say we are going to start to making our fall TV calendar ASAP.
Lam Lam attended Kobe’s final game and spoke out regarding his divorce with Khloe Kardashian. Why can’t they just get back together?! Khlomar for lyf!
An entire photo gallery dedicated to Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins. You’re welcome.

Last night, Hillary and Bernie debated the issues (and speech transcript/tax return release policies) in Brooklyn. If you missed the debate, check out the 9 most interesting moments here.
Harry predicts Hillary will win NY, but Bernie is still fighting the good fight. However, it looks like most of the people feeling the Bern don’t wanna pay for the fire.
Not sure if this counts as politics news, but after his honeymoon, Ted Cruz came home and bought 100 cans of Campbell’s Soup. Heidi Cruz might be a saint.

If you only watch one thing this week let it be this. Morgan Freeman narrating a video about Kobe’s career will give you all the feels. Even if you hate Kobe.

This past weekend, New Orleans Saint Will Smith was tragically murdered in New Orleans. Other athletes, including New Orleans native Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu, spoke out on Twitter about violence in the city. He has since announced a break from Twitter after receiving death threats from the shooter’s family.
Basketball is changing right in front of our eyes. The Warriors won 73 games this season and stats show that Steph Curry is revolutionizing the game. Get it, Mr. Ayesha!
In a mix of sports and entertainment, Drake is still trying to ride athletes’ coat tails all the way to the cool points factory. Last weekend, Gronk, Odell Beckham Jr, and Danny Amendola sported onesies as they partied at Drake’s pool. Aubrey Graham, bringing Pats and Giants together since 2016.
It’s official, NBA jerseys will start carrying ads in 2017. Suggested advertisers (by funny people on Instagram, not me) include “Snapchat” for D’Angelo Russell, Brita filters for Steph Curry, and Rogaine for King James.
In other news, 2016 is just like 2015. By that we mean…Johnny Manziel is a mess.

We don’t endorse breaking the law, but this is absolutely awesome.
WTF is with sleep these days? We think it is highly overrated, but everyone from Ariana Huffington to Andre Iguodala seems to be singing its praises.
Wow, the singularity really is coming. Artificial Intelligence recently accurately predicted the winner of aChinese Reality Show.
An octopus recently escaped the zoo. How, you ask? Great question. Check out the details here.

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