Replay the Week of March 21st


“Close” by Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo (Last year Nick proved he is more than just another Jonas brother and this new song solidifies him as a sex pot rather than a Disney star)

“Low Life” by Future and The Weeknd (You know it will be hot when you combine Bella Hadid’s future baby daddy with Ciara’s babby daddy)

“Summer Sixteen” by Drake (Despite the chilly day and grey skies in NYC, summer is coming and you better believe Aubrey will be on repeat)

Social Media

Instagram of the week: Pope Francis joined Instagram just in time for Easter. We recommend you follow him, rumor has it he has an in with the man upstairs…

Tweet of the week: Please please look at why Kenneth Fareid didn’t play on Tuesday.

Video of the week: Just when you thought Trump’s tweets couldn’t get any more disturbing, this video of kids reading Trump tweets comes out.


Former West Wing star Josh Malina just launched a podcast with composer Hrishikesh Hirway where they recap every episode of the West Wing. Al is quite upset about this development both because she doesn’t endorse podcasts other than The Replay and because she is confident nobody has viewed Seasons 1-4 more times than she has thus is outraged someone did this before she had the chance.

Speaking of Al’s favorite shows during middle school, Netflix is bringing back Gilmore Girls. Though Melissa McCarthy will not be in the reboot, Mae Whitman (Lauren Graham’s other TV daughter) announced she will make an appearance.

David Letterman’s beard is horrifying. Nobody should ever retire. Oy.


Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that President Obama made a trip to Cuba this week. Sasha and Malia killed the fashion game (whaddup sneakers). After Cuba, they headed south to Argentina where Obama treated us all to the tango but failed to arrange a meeting with Messi for his girls.

Donald Trump won Arizona but lost Utah to Ted Cruz. He then threatened to “spill the beans” on Ted Cruz’s wife. Whatever that means.

If you haven’t already done so, head over the NYT fact check to sort through all the garbage candidates are throwing your way this election cycle.

If you only click one thing this week make it this, a hilarious article mocking all the recent NYT pieces on #millenials.


Bill Walton is the most completely amazing, truly unbelievable, epic human. And this profile of him in the NYT is equally completely amazing, truly unbelievable, and epic.

One of our favorite websites, The Players Tribune (thx, Jeter), is running a great series called “Tales of Madness” where players write about their March Madness experiences. It’s fantastic. Also fantastic, Buddy Hield’s piece on his life and time at OU. I hate Oklahoma, but this brought tears to my eyes.

A recent Messi kick broke a woman’s arm and a NY Knicks player clotheslined a kid on the court. This is why we sit in the nosebleeds.

Very long, but awesome article about how Nike lost Steph Curry to Under Armour. To summarize, Kent Bazemore is an unexpected, underrated hero. If that one is too long, friend of The Replay, Martin Kessler, recently wrote a great, shorter version.


This girl clogged a toilet on a date and ended up with poop in her purse. And we thought our dating lives were in the toilet…

Who knew aviation related news was such a thing? First this whackjob flight attendant tries to smuggle coke through security and then, as per usual, MH370 continues to be the best news story in the history of news stories.

Sometimes people are complete morons, as demonstrated by Boaty McBoatface leading the votes in the British government’s recent attempt to involve the public in naming a boat.  Sometimes people are awesome, as demonstrated by these guys showing up with gifts to the hospital after getting a text from a complete stranger that she was in labor.

Looking for the most basic spring break destination ever, kweens? Look no further than YAS island!

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