Replay of the Week of March 7th


“Cheers to the Fall” by Andra Day. (Almost as good as her hit single “Rise Up,” but honestly, almost is still dope.)

“Ready” by Chaz French and GoldLink. (Nice jam as the weather gets hotter and the days get longer.)

The Hamilton Soundtrack. By The Cast of Hamilton. (At first I didn’t think people should listen until they could see it live. But the music is just amazing, particularly Al’s favorite “Dear Theodosia.” And if you know any high schoolers who need to learn some history, we would highly recommend it. This rec is endorsed by The Rockefeller Foundation and Michelle Obama)


Kanye West doesn’t like suit jackets anymore. Particularly on women. It’s cool Kanye, we don’t like them either. Olivia Pope work style for lyf.

This weekend marks the long awaited return of Al’s idol, Ali G, to the big screen. Check out The Brothers Grimsby this weekend. (As expected, it has 43% on Rotten Tomatoes but audiences seem to be enjoying it if this is any indication.)


After eighteen years in the league, Peyton is done for good. Watch his full retirement speech here.

On this week’s podcast, we spend some time thinking about what athletes can do in their second act. Look out for Nate Robinson as he attempts to be the first NBA player to play in the NFL.

As the Jayhawks look to roll into March Madness as a Number 1 seed, former star Mario Chalmers suffered a torn Achilles and was waived by the Grizzlies. Proof that Memphis will never forgive Mario for his miracle.


Confused as to how Bernie won Michigan? Listener Carl Bialik explains why the polls missed the upset over on FiveThirtyEight.

The clock is ticking and there are only 10 months left on Obama’s time in office. The Atlantic wrote a piece looking at his disappointment in, and often lack of willingness to engage with, unreasonable people.

Cities want to use data, but they don’t know how! What a conundrum. Okay, you caught us, this is just a lowkey plug for a report Al did the research for. Check it out though, cuz nothing is cooler than local government.


Today is housing day at Harvard, where young freshmen get to pretend they go to Hogwarts for a day. It sounds cheesy, but the crazy algorithm is definitely responsible for strengthening/ making some of the best friendships we’ve ever had.

What is better than memes? History, told through memes.


Jimmy Fallon can do no wrong. Pair him with Lin-Manuel Miranda and you have magic.

Again, what is better than memes? Ellen reading memes.

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