Replay Week of February 29th


Panda by Desiigner (Again, DJ Thea just can’t stop finding the best songs. Y’all should really stop listening to us and start hanging out with her. In all seriousness, Kanye samples this HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT on TLOP. It is fire.)

Collegrove by Lil Wayne and 2Chainz (Full disclosure, we haven’t listened to this whole album, but we fully endorse any project by Titty Boi and Weezy. The cover art alone deserves a look.)

Higher by Rihanna (Why were people so anti Anti? People are dumb, that’s why.)


BREAKING NEWS: They made an oral history of THE GOLDEN GIRLS. Also known in some circles as loyal listener Geoff’s dream document.

Titus Andronicus, Star on the Rise, is coming out with his own Pinot Noir. For those who didn’t watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt, this video is a must watch.


Have you seen the Taste Of Streep Instagram account? If yes, how amazing is it? If no, you’re welcome. Also, Meryl on a Toaster Strudel makes me emotional.

 Fashion in the 21st Century is just a whole lot of no. That said, this does seem very useful. Coat check lines are too long and ain’t nobody got time to buy new coats.

Holy face tats. Wow.


Barack and Michelle (good friends, first name basis) plan to stay in DC until Sasha graduates from high school. Another reason for Al to move, sorry El, you’re welcome Anjali.

Nate Silver shows that Republican voters kinda hate all their choices. We get it, we kinda hate them all too!

Russell Simmons is endorsing Hillary Clinton. That’s all well and good, but I think everyone is left wondering—who is Kimora Lee endorsing?!? And who is Diggy endorsing?!? I refuse to vote until I know who Diggy is voting for!


Our favorite Brit, James Corden, is out there hustlin. Hard. He just can’t stop selling houses and bringing the interview fire. JJ Reddick is okay too, I guess.

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are a beautiful, shining example of awesome female friendship. Some might say, a mature version of El and Al. Also, how excited are people for the return of Grace and Frankie?!

Ruth Gaydar Ginsburg. Honestly, do we need to say more?

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