Replay Week of February 15th

It has been a big week here at The Replay. El got stuck in Florida (not with Zolaand Al saw Hamilton. Also, we decided to split the podcast into two episodes. As we have mentioned, we are still playing around with the format and we thought we would try two “commute sized” episodes instead of one longer episode. In the first episode this week (ON ITUNES NOW) we recap the Grammys. In the second episode (to be released this weekend) we talk about love, basketball, and love & basketball. We hope you enjoy!


“Hey Mama” by Kanye West (Cuz…What if Kanye made a song about Kanye// Called “I miss the old Kanye”// Man that would be so Kanye)

“Mine” by Phoebe Ryan, Michael Keenan Remix (If you haven’t seen How to Be Single yet, go. It will all make sense)

“Right Above It” by Lil Wayne (Honestly, it has just been too long since I’ve listened to this song. It’s YMCMB for life!)

Pop Culture

Kanye tweeted that he is $53M in debt and then begged Mark Zuckerberg to fund his projects. He then clarified that he isn’t actually in debt, he just doesn’t have enough capital to fund his ideas. Have a headache? Us too. But, feel free to donate to his Go Fund Me if you’re feeling charitable.*

For those who missed the Grammy’s there is only one thing you need to go back and watch—Kendrick Lamar’s performance.

 Katie Holmes was asked the question that has been on all of our minds for the past ten years, “Who is a better kisser—Dawson or Pacey?” She refused to answer, but we think the answer is quite clear. #teampacey


Justice Scalia passed away on Saturday. His death has raised issues in the election, primarily whether or not President Obama should nominate his replacement. Most recently, Obama has been criticized for not attending his funeral.

 Good friend of The Replay, Harry Enten, wrote a great piece on the GOP’s support of Rubio. Check it out!

 Killer Mike, and everyone else to be honest, PLEASE JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT FEMALE ANATOMY.


As we discuss on Part Two of this week’s podcast, Aaron Gordon is absolutely insane. How did this get second place?!

For those of you who are out there thinking the NBA All Star Game is all about athletic ability rather than fun, look no further than King James and his wild Karaoke party.


Rita Wilson is a musical superstar. Don’t sleep on this fire jam.

Not every dog is lucky enough to be as cute as Al’s dog Lil Lou. However, Louis was unable to travel to New York this year and the Westminster Kennel Club was able to find a decent dog to fill in as “Best in Show”


Seriously, James Corden crushes it. All. The. Time. (H/T Meg Starr for the guidance down the deep, dark hole of James Corden Carpool Karoke Videos). Also, we are full on Beliebers here. No shame.

More Ellen. We really just can’t stop. Maybe she will hire us as interns?

*Please please please do not do this.

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