Replay Week of Feb 1st

Replay Week of February 1st

While this week was certainly tame compared to last week (read: no famous people asserted the earth was flat and engaged an astrophysicist in a Twitter battle), there was no shortage of news. We will be talking about the Warriors, Zoolander 2, Kanye, and the Super Bowl on the podcast today, but here are some other things you should read, watch, and listen to:


Reaper” by Sia (Banger. Produced by Kanye.)

Pillowtalk” by Zayn (Honestly, not sure we are into it. But it is important to have a perspective on the solo careers of One Direction members.)

She Belongs to the Game” by Troy Ave and Young Lito (Up and coming Brooklyn rapper. Great song. Really dirty cover art. NSFW. H/T Al’s coworker Thea for this one)


Ted Cruz won the Iowa Caucus. No words. New Hampshire should be interesting, with Trump still predicted to win and Rubio surging into second.

Didn’t watch the Democratic debate? You’re not alone! Despite the low ratings, we think Hil really came into her own and put out the Bern, particularly on foreign policy and Flint. Read the full fivethirtyeight recap here!


Demaryius Thomas’ mom has been in prison for a low-level drug offense for fifteen years. She was recently pardoned and just saw him play football for the first time. ESPN wrote a great piece about her transition.

Kevin Durant might be going to the Warriors?! Madness!


Apparently souping is the new juicing? This type of stuff that makes people hate millennials.

Do you watch a lot of rom coms? Us too! Not exactly shocking, but it looks like they might be distorting our views on healthy relationships.


Rihanna and George Clooney play “Never Have I Ever” on Ellen. Pretty much speaks for itself.

NFL Players do their daughters’ hair. If you’re a woman of childbearing age, your uterus is likely on fire. If so, put the drink down!

So turns out there are a lot of babies conceived after the Super Bowl each year. Be safe this weekend!

JLo and her boyfriend are surprisingly funny. Also, should we make a Dubsmash?

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