The Replay: Thankful (Episode 57)

There is a lot to be thankful for this time of year, particularly if you are an NBA fan. We discuss all the craziness of the last week- Lebron’s was ejecte! – and also reflect on who we are most thankful for in the NBA. Spoiler alert: El is NOT thankful for Austin Rivers. We close out with a game of “Which NBA player would be that annoying family member at Thanksgiving.” Enjoy!


The Replay: NBA Astrology (Episode 56)

We know you’re all fans of NBA stars, but have you ever thought about the stars? Yes, we are talking about Astrology. This week, we do a full deep dive into the Zodiac and how that might impact the NBA season. For those of you not familiar with astrology, DON’T WORRY! Al gives a very brief yet informative overview of the basics and then we are off the star races. We each picked a rookie, veteran and coach and compared the characteristics associated with their signs to the ones they actually exhibited. Turns out astrology is SPOT ON.

The Replay: A$$ or Not A$$ (Episode 55)

The NBA is back! We are so excited for the season, but mostly because it means NBA stars are on the covers of magazines. We talk about KD on the cover of Fast Company and Lebron on the cover of GQ. We also review the annual Thunder Halloween party. What was Melo wearing?!?! Finally, we close out with a recap of the Embiid/Whiteside Twitter beef which ends in a little game we call “Ass or Not Ass.” Enjoy!


The Replay: We’re back… and with Matt Bonner! (Episode 54)

We know you’ve been distraught without us, so we have good news for you… WE BACK! We are here to discuss all things NBA summer from Russell’s new book to Tristan’s new baby.  Then we are joined by best friend of the pod, Matt Bonner. The former Spurs star chats with us about Futuro braces, Tim Duncan’s hurricane relief work, and his Mt. Rushmore of red heads. Enjoy!

The Replay: NBA Finals Recap (Episode 53)

The 2017 NBA Season has come to a close, and El and Al are here to share their thoughts on the Finals. We go beyond the best plays from the series to look at the relationship between Steph Curry and Kevin Durant’s moms and preview offseason fun with a bit of discussion of the Draymond/Lebron Instagram beef. We close with a game of “Household Appliance Warriors” where El and Al match members of the Warriors franchise with non-toaster household appliances.

The Replay: The day we became BFF with Matt Bonner (Episode 52)

Huge day at the Replay! We are joined by former San Antonio Spurs star, Matt Bonner. He was in town to promote his brace brand of choice, Futuro. For the record, Futuro is also El’s brace brand of choice. Before El went head-to-head with the Red Mamba in a game of Horse, we sat down with him for a great discussion on everything from Tim Duncan’s style to his Dunkin Donuts order. Enjoy!

The Replay: Area 21 bromance (Episode 50)

Congrats to us on 50 eps!!! O and thank you to you for sticking with us :-). This week, we catch up with Paul Pierce in his first week of retirement. Turns out retirment for The Truth isn’t that different than playing– he is still with Kevin Garnett, Rondo, and Doc Rivers. We were so inspired by their bromance, we looked at some of the NBA’s other great bromances. In particular, we look at our fave couple- Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan and contemplate what Lowry’s free agency will mean for their bromance. We close out with a brief game looking at what free agents might do if they decide to leave basketball for good. Enjoy!

The Replay: #PrayforLaMelo (Episode 48)

It has been a tough week for The Replay as reports surfaced about the downfall of our favorite NBA power couple, Lala and Carmelo Anthony. On this episode, we look back on their 13+ years of romance while pondering how sad this moment must be for their son, Kiyan. We also question whether NBA love is really possible with a very depressing game of NBA divorce trivia. We promise to be back with something positive soon, but in the meantime- pray for LaMelo!